Water is our life...

Good Health Starts With Good Water!
When water quality is significantly improved in the home, the result is a better quality of life for everyone! Whether it's using one of our Essence™ Shower Filters to reduce dry skin itch or an Eclipse™ Electronic Drinking Water System to protect families from exposure to common tap water contaminants, families around the world have come to know and trust the products and people of Water Safety Corporation. After all...we have families too!

Hard To Swallow

Have you ever seen the microorganism cryptosporidium? How about the cyst called Giardia? Chances are probably not. That's because most common tap water contaminants cannot be detected by the naked eye. What's more, most contaminants are often tasteless and odorless. Even if local municipalities do a good job at meeting existing water quality standards, contaminants can enter our water supplies after water is treated, and leaves the local water treatment facility. In the US, plumbing in homes built before 1986 often used lead soldier, a potential source of contaminations. Even wells are vulnerable to contamination if they have been improperly located. Often herbicides and pesticides find their way into our ground water and leach into wells.
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 Eclipse™ Electronic Drinking Water System



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